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Testimonials of owners of our Carolina Dogs

“Our experience with Susan and her dogs has been first rate. Since we live locally, we’ve had the opportunity to visit her twice and both her enthusiasm and care for her animals is unmatched. Susan is responsive, knowledgeable and truly cares about her “pack”. The puppies are well fed, cared for and given lots of love before they go to their new homes. We have purchased our first puppy from her and look forward to doing more business down the road. If I could put our experience with Susan in one word it would be quite simply: amazing.”


“I have known Susan for almost a year. I purchased the first Carolina from her and later purchased the sister of my first dog.
I find Susan to be professional and informative. She has helped me through many stages of my girls life.
She knows this breed. Her dogs and puppies are healthy. She is reliable and honest. She is caring for both you and
your puppy.”

Best Regards,
Kathy Thurston

“You naming her Happy Tails sure fits her! She has to be the happiest dog I have ever had.
Abby & I are doing WONDERFULLY! I named her Abby (abigail) since it sounded like Happy Tails. She is a dream. I have taken her to work with me every day. She stays in her kennel and I am able to get her out several times a day; let alone everyone wants to come play with her.

She is exactly what I want. She plays great yet is a cuddler. Right now she is sleeping on my foot. She is a dream puppy. Very well behaved & smart. Gets along great with my husband's dogs and even plays great with the cats.

She is happy and healthy and very loved!”

Brenda Jenkins

“Having had dogs of all types for most of my life I feel can honestly say our new puppy is the best behaved of any I've ever had. In addition to walking into our lives yesterday as if we have been together for years he came into the bathroom while Edy was brushing her teeth this morning and was able to make it clear he needed to go outside. He and Matthew have been playing on the floor like old friends. He is all we could have hoped for especially for a child with disabilities who's only real play friend is his dog. We are only sorry we couldn't get two. We'll keep you posted on his adventures.

Ms. Susan, you would really enjoy the looks and comments we had over the weekend. They range from "I've never seen a German Shepard that color" to "Is that a coyote or a fox". Thanks for everything we will always remember your kindness.”

Taylor, Edy, and Matthew

“It gives me great satisfaction to share my experience in selecting a Carolina dog from Susan B. Anthony. I am very happy to have made that decision because I know not only have I received the perfect companion, but also I got him from someone who takes extreme pride in breeding quality dogs. It impressed me how well behaved her dogs were even though she had so many. The dogs barked when I first got there for warning and remained quiet and focused on me until I left. They responded to Susan as if they understood everything she said.

It was time to pick up the eight-weeks-old pup, That day, Susan gave my puppy all his necessary vaccinations and provided me with all the care instructions. She also went out of her way to give me training recommendations and answered all my questions. Happy Carolina puppy owner,

Dominic Nguyen

"Bender is starting to mature quickly. He is now at 42 lbs. His confidence is growing daily, and he may just be the coolest dog I have ever been around. He always stays close to us when not leashed. He is very agile and clever. He even tells on his doggy friends when they are doing something he knows is wrong (jumping on the bed or potty accidents in the house). His favorite toy is any sock that is left on the floor."
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